Promotions and Transfers

The Judicial Council of California is dedicated to assisting current staff members to reach their professional goals through internal promotion and transfer opportunities.


How to Apply

1 Ensure that you are eligible

Staff members are: current state employees of the Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal, the Judicial Council of California, Habeas Corpus Resource Center and the Commission on Judicial Performance.  The Superior Courts of California are not Judicial Branch state employees, but independent trial court employees that offer many important opportunities in various job functions that can be found on their individual websites, referenced here.

To apply for an opening:

  • You must meet the minimum qualifications listed for the position on the job posting.
  • Complete an employment application in its entirety.

2 Complete an Employment Application form

Carefully review the additional documents required to apply in the “How To Apply” section of the job posting. Resume, writing samples, cover letters and/or responses to Supplemental Questions are often required to accompany the fully completed Employment Application.

  • Find the job opening you are interested in applying in HREMS.
  • Open the job title link to the interested position.
  • Press the “Apply Now” button found at the top right.
  • Login
  • All applicants must complete our application to be considered for employment.
  • Your application will remain confidential.

Please be advised when updating your resume, the initial resume will remain intact but the newly updated resume will be submitted.

3 Complete the exercise if required

Internal candidates who are qualified and selected to participate in an initial interview, may be required to complete an exercise prior to their interview.  This is not a test and it will not be graded.

  • Finalists may participate in an additional interview.
  • Final candidate to be selected.
  • References will be conducted with employee’s current supervisor.
  • Promotional or lateral offer will be extended to the employee.


Transfers from Other Agencies

If you are a current employee of another California State Agency within the Executive Branch, please consider the following facts if you decide to transfer your existing benefits to the judicial branch of the state:

  • No breaks with health benefits, member’s share of premium may vary.
  • State service credit (towards retirement and/or leave accrual credit) may transfer over
  • Annual leave/vacation balance may transfer over with a cap at 640 hours. All unused sick leave may be transferred
  • Merit Salary Increase of 3.5% for fiscal year 2017/2018 versus 5% with the executive branch
  • All state level judicial branch entities are “at will” employers and not civil service employers.


If you are an employee of the legislative branch, Cal State University or a UC System, your state service may count towards leave accrual credit. Membership towards the Judicial Branch retirement (CalPERS) will be determined after the review of your completed reciprocal self-certification form.


Login to HREMS

For Judicial Council employees who experience issues connecting to HREMS using this link, please connect directly from the HREMS link available on the Hub homepage or email your HREMS Administrator.