About Governmental Affairs

On behalf of the judicial branch, the Judicial Council's Governmental Affairs represents and advocates for the Judicial Council on legislative, policy, and budget matters.

The office coordinates the development of and advocates Judicial Council-sponsored legislation; analyzes legislation and identifies bills of interest to the judicial branch; and staffs the council's Legislation Committee, assisting them in formulating Judicial Council positions on bills. Governmental Affairs participates in legislative proceedings, including committee hearings and meetings with legislators, staff, and interested parties, to effectively advocate adopted legislative positions. The office also works extensively on the judicial branch budget and related matters, meeting with legislators, committees, committee and leadership staff, as well as staff for the Governor and the state Department of Finance.

Governmental Affairs provides staff support to court-related organizations and networks in support of judicial branch legislative activities, and promotes effective communications within the judicial branch and with groups such as the State Bar, local, specialty and minority bar associations, legal services organizations, and the California Judges Association. Active liaison and communications are also maintained with other entities, including criminal justice agencies, county governments, the media, and the public.