General Consumer Protection Resources

Federal Government Websites

Consumer Protection Publications’s webpage containing consumer protection publications, grouped by topics.

Steps to file a complaint and resolve consumer problems
US Government’s website providing information on filing complaints, consumer action handbook about frauds and scams, and education on being a smart consumer.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Information about filing complaints through the Bureau’s website.

Consumer Product Safety Commission
Webpage for reporting an unsafe product.

California Government Websites

Consumer Resource and Referral Guide
A comprehensive guide to all kinds of consumer issues. By the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

Consumer Self-Help - Tips & Resources to Resolve Consumer Complaints
Useful information on consumer self-help, including a sample complaint letter. By the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

California’s Consumer Services Center
Website with helpful links to other governmental webpages and help filing complaints.

California Department of Justice - Protecting Consumers
Information on filing a complaint against businesses through the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) website. The DOJ may forward the complaint to a more appropriate agency.


Consumer Action – How to Complain Guide
A comprehensive guide on ‘how to complain’ by Consumer Action.