Special Session - October 3-4, 2006 (Santa Barbara)

News Release: California Supreme Court Holds Special Session in Santa Barbara Oct. 3-4

Compilation of expanded background summaries for all cases

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

S135263 In re Jaime P.

S129125 City of Goleta v. Superior Court of Santa Barbara County (Oly Chadmar Sandpiper General Partnership, Real Party in Interest)

S056391 People v. Williams (Bob Russell) (Automatic Appeal)
S130717 Philadelphia Indemnity Ins. Co. v. Montes-Harris

S130080 People v. Trujillo (Manuel)

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

S123832 Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians v. Superior Court of Sacramento County (Fair Political Practices Commission, Real Party in Interest)

S129220 Fair v. Bakhtiari (Stonesfair Financial Corp. et al.)

S034725 In re Burton (Andre) on Habeas Corpus

Additional Resources

The Supreme Court of California, 2003 Edition is a 57-page booklet providing an overview of the court's work, procedures, membership, and history.

Special sessions similar to this one in Santa Barbara have, in recent years, been held in Santa Ana, Fresno, San Jose, San Diego, and Redding. Within material prepared for the San Diego and San Jose special sessions is additional general background and educational material, including additional resources, pertaining to the California Supreme Court and the judicial branch of government.

Superior Court of California, County of Santa Barbara