Shasta County, New Redding Courthouse

Shasta County, New Redding Courthouse

The design and construction of the new Redding courthouse building consists of six stories above ground and a basement level with 14 courtrooms for a total of 166,887 building gross square feet (BGSF) in the city of Redding, County of Shasta. The new courthouse will be built on a 1.94-acre site in downtown Redding across from the existing main courthouse. The project includes 20 secure parking spaces for the court staff and six secure parking spaces for the marshals adjacent to the sallyport in the basement level. The project will utilize a Construction Manager at Risk delivery method. This facility will replace one courthouse and annex and three court facilities in Redding, provide space for a new judgeship from Assembly Bill (AB) 159 (Ch. 722, Statutes of 2007), and provide a new judgeship from the third group of 50.

Gross Square Footage: 166,887
Total Courtrooms: 14
Current Authorized Project Budget: $203,006,000
Architectural/Engineering Firm: NBBJ
Construction Management Agency: Kitchell CEM
Construction Manager at Risk: Sundt Construction, Inc.
Fund: Senate Bill 1407/General Fund

The Superior Court of California, County of Shasta provides services from three facilities in the City of Redding: the Main Courthouse and Annex, the Justice Center, and the Juvenile Court. These facilities have significant security problems, severe accessibility deficiencies, are very overcrowded, and have many physical problems, making court services unsafe and inefficient.

The Main Courthouse and Annex, constructed in 1956 and 1965, respectively, has nine courtrooms for criminal, civil, family law, and probate calendars. This building is also occupied by several county agencies. The Justice Center was constructed in 1985 and is co-located with the main County Jail. This courthouse has two courtrooms for criminal calendars. The Juvenile Courthouse was constructed in 1950 and is co-located with the County's juvenile detention facility. This courthouse has one courtroom for juvenile and delinquency calendars.

This project will improve court operational efficiency, access to justice, and overall public service by providing a new 14-courtroom facility occupying 166,887 square feet. All adult and juvenile court operations will be consolidated in a single location, and two additional courtrooms will support new judgeships.

The new courthouse will be located directly across Court Street from the current courthouse, at Oregon and Yuba Streets. Site acquisition was completed in mid-2012.

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Compliance

Judicial Council staff complied with CEQA by filing a categorical exemption for this project's preferred site on December 15, 2010.

This project is currently in the Construction phase.

Construction began in December 2018 and is estimated to complete in November 2023.

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