Preparing for Court

Find information about the different steps you will have to take when you go to court. Learn what you need to do before you file your papers in court, how to prepare your case, and how to present your case in court. And read answers to frequently asked questions you may have about any of these topics.

Before You File Your Case
Find out how to make sure you are filing your case against the right party and in the right court.  Learn about deadlines for filing your case. And find out how to resolve your case without having to go in front of a judge.

Filing Papers in Court
Get general information about what you need to do to file papers with the court.

Fee Waivers
Learn how to ask for a fee waiver when you cannot afford to pay the court filing fees.

Service of Process
“Service of process” is a key part of every case that is handled in court.  Learn all the different ways to serve the other side in your case, when they are allowed, and what is required for each type of service. Also learn about steps you can take to find someone in order to serve him or her.

Understand how to gather the evidence you will need to prove your case in court.

Going to Court
Find out what to do to prepare yourself before going to court. Learn how to prepare your evidence and present your case to a judge.

Court Interpreters
If you cannot speak English well, learn about getting a qualified court interpreter to help you. Get tips and other information about working with an interpreter.


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California Self-Help and Family Law Facilitator Locations

Interactive Google map listing of Self Help Centers and Family Law Facilitators
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