Court Basics

Find information about how the court system works, what types of cases California courts deal with, and what kinds of services your courthouse has available to help you. You can also find helpful information on how to represent yourself in court and how to use court forms.

How Courts Work
Learn about the different types of courts that exist in California and understand what types of cases each courts handle. Also learn how these courts work and how they handle cases.

Types of Cases
Find out about the different types of legal cases that exist and what are the general requirements for each type of case.

Services at Your Court
Learn about all the services your courthouse provides, including services in and out of the courtroom and services to help court users who are representing themselves.

Representing Yourself
Find information, tips and resources to help you represent yourself in court, without a lawyer. Also find out the risks of representing yourself and when it may be a good idea to get a lawyer.

Basics of Court Forms
Understand how court forms work, where to find them, and get tips on how to prepare your forms so that they will be accepted by your court.

Frequently Asked Questions
Read answers to common questions related to the basics of how courts work.


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California Self-Help and Family Law Facilitator Locations

Interactive Google map listing of Self Help Centers and Family Law Facilitators
Click for interactive Google map listing of Self Help Centers and Family Law Facilitator locations, or click for a printer-friendly directory.