District Courts of Appeal and Supreme Court Fee Change Announcement

Public notice of filing fee

Pursuant to Chapter 193 of the 2011 Statutes (Assem. Bill No. 110), effective August 30, 2011, the filing fee is $325 for the following documents where they are the first document filed in the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court by a party other than the appellant or petitioner in a civil case:

  • Any application or opposition to an application;
  • Any motion or opposition to a motion;
  • Any respondent's brief in an appeal in the Court of Appeal;
  • Any preliminary opposition to a petition for a writ, excluding a preliminary opposition requested by the court unless the court has notified the parties that it is considering issuing a peremptory writ in the first instance;
  • Any return (by demurrer, verified answer, or both) after the court issues an alternative writ or order to show cause;
  • Any answer to a petition for review in the Supreme Court; and
  • Any brief after the Supreme Court grants review.

The new fee will not be charged for any mediation statement form, case screening form, or other document filed as part of a court's appellate mediation program.