Commission on Judicial Appointments

About the Commission on Judicial Appointments

The commission is comprised of three members:

  • California Chief Justice (Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye)
  • California Attorney General (Attorney General Xavier Becerra)
  • The most senior Presiding Justice of the Court of Appeal of the affected district(s). When a Supreme Court appointee is being considered, the third member of the commission is the state's most senior presiding justice of the Courts of Appeal

Any candidate nominated or appointed by the Governor to the Supreme Court or a Court of Appeal must be reviewed by the Commission on Judicial Appointments. The commission holds a public hearing to consider the candidate‚Äôs qualifications, and the nomination or appointment is effective if and when confirmed by the commission. When a Court of Appeal candidate is being reviewed, the commission consists of the Chief Justice of California, the Attorney General of California, and the most senior Presiding Justice of the Court of Appeal of the affected district(s). 

Guidelines for the Commission on Judicial AppointmentsPDF file type icon (PDF, 22 KB)
(Adopted effective May 18, 1999; amended effective July 1, 2005, March 1, 2006, and November 19, 2007.)

Most Recent Appointment(s):

members of the commission on judicial appointments standing in the robing room with justice teri jackson Jan. 21: Commission Confirms Justice Teri Jackson to the First Appellate District
The Commission unanimously votes to approve Governor Newsom's appointment of Judge Teri L. Jackson to the Court of Appeal, First Appellate District (San Francisco). See news release for details.
Commission on Judicial Appointments Confirms 7 Appointments, Including Mr. Joshua Groban to the Supreme Court of California
Confirmation hearings broadcast on Dec 21 at 9 a.m.