Courts: Courts of Appeal

Appellate Courts Facilities Guidelines (July 2002, PDF, 183 KB)
Design guidelines developed by the Task Force on Court Facilities addressing the specific functional components that will be required in each area of most appellate courthouses in California, including such environmental conditions as accessibility.

Report of the Appellate Process Task Force (August 2000, PDF, 178 KB)
Examination of the constitutional requirements, statutory provisions, and rules of court governing the manner in which appellate courts perform their functions and evaluation of court organizational structures, workflows, and technological innovations that affect the work of the Courts of Appeal, with recommendations on how these might be made more efficient.

Reports to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee on the Effectiveness of the Temporary Law Clerks Program in Reducing the Appellate Workload Backlog

Results of the pilot program in which additional research attorneys and judicial secretaries were hired for justices in appellate courts with the most severe caseload backlogs (Fourth District, Divisions Two and Three, and the Fifth District).

"Striving for Justice: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" Centennial Booklet (PDF, 11.6 MB)
A history of the Courts of Appeal from 1905 to 2005, broken down by the six districts, and including notable accomplishments and a roster of every justice and clerk/administrator.

A Visitors' Guide to the California Courts of Appeal (PDF, 340 KB)
General information brochure explaining what an appeal is; the appellate court's jurisdiction, structure, and membership; and how the appeal process works.

A White Paper on Unpublished Opinions of the Court of Appeal (March 2001, PDF, 49 KB)
Prepared by the Appellate Process Task Force, recommending that rule 977, the general proscription against citation of unpublished opinions, be retained without change.