Division 1

Oral Argument Calendar Dates - The 2nd full week of any month. Please be advised oral argument calendars are updated every Friday.

Full text calendars published in the last 120 hours

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Division 2

Oral Argument Calendar Dates - The 1st Tuesday and Wednesday of the month. Subject to change, please check with the court.

Full text calendars published in the last 120 hours

Remote Appearance Etiquette

A remote hearing is a court proceeding and thus, the expectation and requirement of the Fourth District is that all attorneys dress in professionally appropriate attire. Additionally, counsel are advised to be conscious of their background and are further encouraged to have an appropriate background or to use an appropriate virtual background. For remote appearances via WebEx in Division One, instructions for adding a virtual background can be viewed at the Use a Virtual Background in the Cisco Webex Meeting Suite article and for BlueJeans remote appearances in Divisions Two and Three, the instructions can be viewed at BlueJeans Virtual Background article.

Teleconference Availability

If counsel is ill, but still able to argue the case, please notify the court at 619/744-0760 to arrange for oral argument via teleconference.

Electronic Devices in the Courtroom

Counsel arguing before the court or parties representing themselves will be permitted to bring in a laptop or tablet for use during oral argument in Division One and Division Three. Devices must be silenced and placed in "airplane mode"*

No Audio or Video recording or the taking of photographs is allowed unless approved pursuant to California Rules of Court, Rule 1.150. Cellular or smart phones are not permitted in the courtroom at any time. Any person who fails to comply with these restrictions will be removed from the courtroom.

*Airplane Mode is a setting that when activated, suspends the devices wireless features and limits interference with the courtroom sound system.

Court Security

The following will not be permitted in the Courtroom:

  • Cellphones
  • Cameras
  • Recording Devices
  • Food & Drink
  • Weapons

Presenting parties may use laptops or tablets.  All persons are subject to search before entering.  No weapons allowed per Section 171B of the California Penal Code.

More information on Security Screening Procedures

Court Holidays

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