RFP for Document Management Systems

The AOC's objective is, in the future, to have a single case management system interfaced to a document management system to support all case types processed by all Courts.

Recent AOC assessments have revealed the need for an enterprise Judicial Branch Document Management System (DMS). Key facts identified include:

  • The operational environment at the courts is highly dependent on inefficient, labor intensive paper based processing;
  • About half of California's 67 courts, which include the Superior Courts, the Courts of Appeal and the California Supreme Court, have no electronic document management system;
  • Fourteen courts stated in the 2010 California Court DMS survey that they plan to procure and deploy a DMS within the next 12 to 36 months;
  • Technology standards have not been established to guide courts in the selection of DMS solutions that are compatible with and leverage the Judicial Branch's shared services technology.
  • The AOC business divisions need DMS technology tools to allow them to collaborate on document creation process.

Notice to Potential Proposers