Attendance and Public Comment Procedures

Public Notice

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Judicial Council meetings will be held remotely. There will not be a meeting location to attend a Judicial Council meeting in-person; however, all meetings will be live‑streamed via our website. A link will be available on the California Courts home page on the day of the Judicial Council meeting.

Judicial Council business meetings are typically held in San Francisco six times a year. Members of the public may attend in-person, open sessions. Agendas contain meeting-specific information, such as location, important dates, and discussion items. Meeting agendas for remote meetings contain written comment deadlines. Meeting agendas are posted here.

Judicial Council meetings are typically live-streamed, and videos and captured captioning are publicly available online. Photography or videotaping during council meetings is prohibited without prior approval by the Chief Justice per rule 10.6(f) of the California Rules of Court. Written requests to do so should be sent to at least two business days before the meeting.

Requests to Speak

The Executive and Planning Committee, in its discretion, may allow a member of the public to speak at a business meeting. Public comment at Judicial Council meetings can provide valuable information for council members and enhance the council’s understanding of the issues coming before it. Public comment can be provided in writing before the meeting or onsite on the day of an in-person meeting.

During onsite Judicial Council meetings, time is allotted at the beginning of the meeting for public comment on general matters of judicial administration and on specific agenda items as the matters are heard.

Individuals can request in advance to speak at a council meeting, or they can make the request in person at the beginning of any onsite council meeting.

Make a written request in advance

Each meeting agenda lists a time frame for receipt of written requests. Those who submit a written request to speak will receive a confirmation of receipt. Submit your request electronically, by mail, or in person to the addresses listed below. Please provide the speaker’s first and last name and the topic to be addressed or the number of the specific agenda item. Emergency meetings or some urgent circumstances may only allow for written comments.

Make a request at an onsite meeting

Members of the public who attend an onsite Judicial Council meeting in person may request to comment at the meeting. Requests to speak during the time reserved for general comment will be taken until the chair of the Executive and Planning Committee, or a designee, calls for public comment at the beginning of the meeting.

Requests to speak on specific agenda items will be taken until the item is called for presentation.

At onsite meetings

1.   All persons requesting to speak, including those who submitted a request in advance, must check in at the reception table, up to 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of the meeting. Speakers who did not submit a request in advance are asked to print their first and last name on the on the request card along with the specific agenda item to be addressed or, if the comment concerns something not on the agenda, the topic to be addressed.

2.   General comments on judicial administration (that is, topics not on the meeting agenda) will be heard during the general public comment period at the beginning of the meeting.

3.   Comments on specific agenda items will be heard before the presentation of the agenda item. Anyone wishing to speak on a specific agenda item should arrive at the beginning of the meeting day, as agenda times are subject to change.

4.   To accommodate the schedules of members of the public who prefer not to wait until the council hears a particular agenda item, speakers can choose to speak on a particular agenda item during the general public comment period at the beginning of the meeting.

Please be advised

  • Given time constraints, it is not guaranteed that all who request to speak can be accommodated on the date requested. As an alternative, when requests cannot be fulfilled for the date requested, written comments will be accepted and made available to the council.
  • The time allotted for public comment will vary according to the number of requests received and the time available on the agenda. If numerous requests are received, individual speaker time may be limited.
  • Three or more individuals may pool their time for one speaker. The Executive and Planning Committee chair will determine the amount of time given to that person with the understanding that the combined time will be less than the total time available to the individuals separately.
  • Members of the public who attend open in-person or remote meetings must remain orderly. The Chief Justice may order the removal of any disorderly persons.
  • The council may meet with little or no public notice in accordance with rule 10.5(c) of the California Rules of Court. Additionally, the Judicial Council may meet remotely—without a physical location. The Executive and Planning Committee, in its discretion, may allow a member of the public to speak at a remote business meeting or accept public comment in writing only. Deadlines for public comment and how public comment will be taken will be provided on the meeting agenda under “Public Comment.” Public comments received after the deadline will not be provided to the Judicial Council.

Written Comments and General Correspondence

The following will be accepted and made available to the council:

  • Written comments on specific agenda items for any Judicial Council meeting;
  • Written comments on circulating orders currently under consideration by the council; and
  • General correspondence addressed to the council on matters affecting judicial administration.

Each business meeting agenda and circulating order lists a time frame for receipt of written comments. Written comments must be submitted by the established time frame for receipt. Comments received after the deadline will not be delivered to Judicial Council members.

General correspondence received between council meetings will be made available to council members in conjunction with the subsequent business meeting materials. Correspondence will not be received on matters relating to a particular case.

Written comments and general correspondence must be e-mailed to, or they must be sent by postal mail or delivered in person to:

Judicial Council of California
455 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, California 94102-3688
Attention: Cliff Alumno

Public Record

Please note that comments and materials received will, in full, become part of the public record.

ADA Information

For Judicial Council Meeting accessibility requests or complaints, contact the Judicial Council and Trial Court Leadership Office at:

455 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102
Tel. 415-865-7737
Fax. 415-865-4391

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