Lacy D. Jennings (December 30, 1885 - June 10, 1938)

Lacy D. Jennings was born in Farmington, Missouri, on December 30, 1885. After graduating from Princeton University in 1909 and Harvard University Law School in 1913, he traveled by train to San Diego where he joined the law firm of Doolittle and Morrison. He was admitted to practice law in California in July, 1914. Two years later, H. E. Doolittle appointed him city prosecutor when Doolittle was named City Attorney. In 1919, he became Justice of the Peace, an office he held until 1925 when he was elected judge of the San Diego County Superior Court after unseating incumbent Judge Edgar Luce in a hotly contested race. Shortly thereafter, he commenced presiding over the longest trial in California up to that time, two and one half years on the Santa Margarita Water case. In August 1930, he was elected Associate Justice of the Fourth District Court of Appeal for a term commencing January 1, 1931, where he served until his death on June 10, 1938. Throughout his 22 years of public service, he was known as an "indefatigable worker with varied interests" who was very active in many fraternal orders.