Judicial Council Technology Committee 2017 Meetings

December 11, 2017 Meeting

October 16, 2017 Meeting

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  • Materials - Note:  The original materials were posted on October 4, 2017. An update to the materials was posted on October 11, 2017 to reflect the action by the Information Technology Advisory Committee and Civil and Small Claims Advisory Committee (both voted to approve) and the finalized version of the comment chart; pages 12-45 of the PDF document.
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September 11, 2017 Meeting

July 10, 2017 Meeting

June 12, 2017 Meeting

May 17, 2017 Meeting

May 8, 2017 Meeting

April 10, 2017 Open Meeting

March 13, 2017 Open Meeting

February 10, 2017 Action By Email

Proposed action by email between meetings under rule 10.75(o) to approve the updated Tactical Plan for Technology (2017-2018), to supersede the existing Tactical Plan for Technology (2014-2016).  The updated plan was developed as a result of analyzing branch business drivers, evaluating existing initiatives, and incorporating new initiatives; and was subsequently refined following circulation for branch and public comment.

February 6, 2017 Open Meeting

January 27, 2017 Action By Email

The rules proposal makes amendments to trial court electronic filing and service rules in the California Rules of Court. The rule amendments would reduce redundancies and improve consistency between electronic filing and service provisions of California Rules of Court and the Code of Civil Procedure. The proposal also includes amendments to make limited organizational changes to the rules to improve their logical ordering. The legislative proposal makes amendments to the Civil Code and Code of Civil Procedure. The purpose of the legislative amendments is to provide clarity about and foster the use of electronic service. The proposed amendments authorize electronic service for certain demands and notices consistent with Code of Civil Procedure sections 1010.6 and 1013b (section 1013b will be a new provision of the Code of Civil Procedure and it codifies proof of electronic service provisions currently found in the Rules of Court). The proposal also clarifies that the broader term “service” is applicable rather than “mailing” in certain code sections consistent with Judicial Council-sponsored legislation related to those sections.

January 9, 2017 Meeting