HCRC Class & Compensation Study, RFP# HCRC-CCS-17-22-RB

Update: May 4 , 2017
Intent to Award

The Habeas Corpus Resource Center (HCRC) of the Judicial Council of California (Judicial Council) represents indigent men and women under sentence of death in California. Its mission is to provide timely, high-quality legal representation for indigent petitioners in death penalty habeas corpus proceedings before the Supreme Court of California and the federal courts.

The HCRC is interested in conducting an entity-wide review and comprehensive study of HCRC positions, classifications, and compensation. The HCRC seeks to properly allocate positions/classification which have evolved and changed to meet the business needs of the organization. Proposers must bid on the components of the study outlined below and also must indicate the cost for each component individually. The HCRC may award only certain components of this Request for Proposals (RFP) as a contract to a single vendor.

  • Component 1: Classification and compensation study of all classifications (approximately 74 incumbents in 38 classifications).
  • Component 2: FLSA review and determination of existing and proposed exempt classifications (approximately 14 incumbents/positions in 8 classifications).
  • Component 3: Report of compensation recommendations for HCRC classifications impacted by FLSA determinations.

Proposals Due:
March 31, 2017, No later than 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time

Proposals must be delivered by the date and time listed on the coversheet of this RFP to:
Judicial Council of California
Attn: Lenore Fraga-Roberts RFP No. HCRC-CCS-17-22RB
455 Golden Gate Avenue, 6th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102-3688


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