New Sacramento Courthouse CMR- Preconstruction and Construction Phase Services, RFQ/P-FSO-2018-11-JMG

Update: June 4, 2018
Intent to Award

Update: May 18, 2018
Short List of Proposers

Update: May 2, 2018
Questions Answered

Update: April 19, 2018
Revised Table for Schedule of Events

The Judicial Council seeks to retain the services of a qualified Firm with expertise in all Phases of the above referenced project (“Project”) as described herein and in the Contract Documents.  The Project phases are the Working Drawings Phase and the Construction Phase.  The Judicial Council hereby solicits SOQs and Proposals to furnish Preconstruction Services and Construction Management Services for the Project, subject to the conditions prescribed by this RFQ/P. 

The selected Firm will apply its expertise to the Project in collaboration with other Project participants to construct a court building that provides significant value to the State judicial system. 

Project Description and Site Information:
The New Sacramento Courthouse will be a 543,290 gross square feet seventeen story building, plus a mechanical penthouse. The Project is the site development and construction of a new building for a trial court facility comprised of fifty three (53) courtrooms, to house fifty three (53) judges and support staff, approximately limited to all building structure, enclosure, interior improvements, mechanical, electrical, telecommunication, audio visual, signage and security systems. The project also includes approximately seventy (70) enclosed secure basement parking spaces for judge and executive staff parking.  The site development includes but is not limited to site preparation, underground utilities, landscape, hardscape, vehicular drives, basement parking, security barriers, fencing, and gates.  The site development includes mitigation of construction impacts to traffic, and other mitigation measures that apply to the CMR, per Attachment 6 (Mitigation Monitoring Plan).

Questions regarding the RFP should be submitted in writing to the Judicial Council of California via on April 25, 2018, by 5:00 p.m.

Proposals must be received by no later than 3:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) on May 11, 2018.

Hard copies of proposals must be delivered to:  
Judicial Council of California
Attn.: Lenore Fraga-Roberts
455 Golden Gate Avenue, 6th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102

RFQ-P and Attachment 1 - CMR Agreement for Preconstruction and Construction Phase Services and its Exhibits A through M

Attachment 2 - Form for Submission of Questions

Attachment 3 - Technical Qualifications Questionnaire

Attachment 4 - Fee Proposal Form

Attachment 5 - Payee Data Record

Attachment 6 - Mitigation Monitoring Plan

Attachment 7 - Proposers Acceptance to (“CMR Agreement”) Terms and Conditions

Attachment 8 - OCIP Project Safety Guidance Manual/Insurance Manual (Sample)