Contract Attorney to Update Civil Proceedings Benchbooks, CJER-2019-59-RB

Update: October 17, 2019
Notice of Intent to Award

This RFP is the means for Proposers to submit their qualifications and request selection as a Contractor for these services.

The Judicial Council of California (also referred to in this RFP as JBE, Judicial Branch Entity) seeks the services of a licensed California attorney with experience and expertise in legal research, legal writing, civil law and civil procedure, updating legal treatises, and working with judicial officers. The attorney will update each volume of the Civil Proceedings Benchbook to reflect the year's new, amended, and repealed legal authority including cases, rules, and statutes, and to reflect clear and concise legal writing, legal analysis, and structure and organization. California's judicial officers are the intended audience of these publications. The contract attorney who updates these publications must write for this audience and must produce writing that matches the high-quality of the benchbooks.

Questions regarding this RFP should be directed to and must be received no later than close of business of September 16, 2019. Hard copy proposals, with USB, must be delivered Monday, September 30, 2019 NO LATER THAN 2:00 P.M. PACIFIC TIME to:

Attention: Bid Desk
Judicial Council of California
455 Golden Gate Avenue, 6th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102-3688

Further details regarding the solicitation are set forth in the RFP and related documents are provided below.

Request for Proposal
Attachment 1 – Administrative Rules
Attachment 2 – Standard Agreement
Attachment 3 – Acceptance TCs
Attachment 4 – General Certs
Attachment 5 – Darfur
Attachment 6 – Form 204
Attachment 7 – Unruh
Attachment 8 – Past Performance Evaluation Form