Environmental Health and Safety Compliance Training, RFP-FS-2021-21-KO

Update: October 10, 2022
Notice of Intent to Award

Update: September 8, 2022
Zero Proposer questions were submitted to Solicitations@jud.ca.gov by the due date and time on September 2, 2022; therefore, there will not be a posting of Questions and Answers on September 13th, 2022, as noted in the Timeline for this RFP.

The Judicial Council of California (Judicial Council), chaired by the Chief Justice of California, is the chief policy making body for the California Judicial Branch. The Judicial Council Facilities Services Office is responsible for the management of operations in all State-owned and-managed court facilities throughout California. Judicial Council employees and contracted service providers work together to provide a broad range of services to the courts from facility planning, design and construction, renovation, facility operations management, and environmental compliance. The Judicial Council’s portfolio includes over 470 courthouses throughout the State of California. A number of the Judicial Council’s facilities have underground storage tanks (UST(s)) and aboveground storage tanks (AST(s)) (collectively U/AST(s)), as well as on-site hazardous materials (HAZMAT) and, at times, hazardous waste (HW) most often as a result of equipment maintenance activities or renovation projects. The Judicial Council seeks one or more qualified and experienced Proposer(s) to plan, design, develop, and administer training services as described in this RFP.  The number of Work Orders (WO) and specific Scope of Work for each WO is unknown at this time, and there is no guarantee by the Judicial Council that the Proposer(s) will, if awarded a contract, be requested to provide services. Accordingly, the specific Scope of Work on the project, including any one or more of the deliverables, may be changed or terminated without affecting the remaining deliverable(s) or the overall project.  Selected Proposer(s) will provide training services and technical expertise to Judicial Council personnel and contracted building maintenance service provider staff for the subject areas described in the provisions of Sections 2 in the RFP. Training shall be provided in an online or in-person format.  Prior to work authorization, the Judicial Council will indicate the needed format.

Questions regarding the RFP should be submitted via email to the Judicial Council of California via Solicitations@jud.ca.gov no later than September 02, 2022 at 9 AM Pacific Time.

Proposal Due Date and Time are Due: no later than September 20th, 2022, by 5:00 PM

Send Proposals To:
Judicial Council of California
to email address: mailto:
Non-Cost Proposal email to: fs202121bt.proposal@jud.ca.gov
Cost Proposal email to: fs202121bt.cost@jud.ca.gov

Contact for email and send Questions to this address:

Branch Accounting and Procurement | Administrative Division
Judicial Council of California
455 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco, CA 94102-3688


Attachment A. Administrative Rules Governing RFPs
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Attachment G. Darfur Contracting Act Certification
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Attachment J. Iran Contracting Act Certification
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