CANCELLED: Resource Assessment Study, OCR-2023-25-LV

Update: January 5, 2023
Notice of Cancellation

Update: November 28, 2023
Questions and Answers


The RAS model, initially approved by the Judicial Council in 2005, assesses case complexity by assigning caseweights, representing the time in minutes required to process a case from filing through disposition, including post-disposition activities, derived from a time study in the courts. This allows for the estimation of unique workloads for each court based on the specific volume of case types they handle.

In February 2013, an updated version of RAS caseweights, alongside other model parameters, was approved, following a 2010 time study. Also in 2013, the Judicial Council adopted the Workload-based Allocation and Funding Methodology (WAFM), a funding model relying on the RAS model as its basis, later becoming the Workload Formula.

In July 2017, following a 2016 time study, the RAS model received additional approvals, including updates to caseweights and other model parameters. Currently, the RAS model includes caseweights for 22 distinct case types.

This Request for Proposal (RFP) is part of the ongoing evolution of the RAS model, focusing on updating caseweights to maintain accuracy and relevance for resource allocation in trial courts.

Project: The Judicial Council seeks the services of a consultant with expertise in the evaluation of workload, performance, and court administration for purposes of evaluating staff workload and assessing staffing need in the California trial courts. Knowledge of trial court operations in general and the California court system more specifically is highly desirable.

Questions must be directed to and must be received November 17, 2023.  

Emailed proposals are required for this RFP and must be delivered to

Proposers must submit their Technical and Cost proposals in separate email attachments to the Solicitations Mailbox at and must be received by December 8, 2023, no later than 4:00 PM Pacific Time.

Submission acceptance of proposals will be based on the date and time the email proposals are received by the Judicial Council.