Request for Proposals for Facility Operations, Maintenance, and Facility Modification Services

The Administrative Office of the Courts, Office of Court Construction and Management seeks to identify and select experienced Contractors for the provision of facility operation, maintenance, and modification services in various regions located throughout the State of California.

Update: May 19, 2011

The AOC is pleased to announce its intent to award facility services contracts to PRIDE Industries for the Northern/Central Region, Enovity for the Bay Area/Northern Coastal Region, and ABM for the Southern Region.

The selections were based on a rigorous solicitation process that began in November 2010. A selection panel with representatives from four courts and the AOC reviewed the submitted proposals and participated in oral discussions with the proposers. The selected companies demonstrated the expertise and experience necessary to provide the required services while providing the best value to the judicial branch. The new contracts will be finalized in June.  There will be a 90-day transition period as work moves to the new contractors. Full performance is expected to begin in late September.

The AOC thanks all the firms who participated in the process.  We understand the level of effort required to prepare the proposal documents and appreciate the proposers' efforts in seeking these contracts.

Update: April 28, 2011

Qualifying Proposals From the Following Firms Will Move On to Phase 2 Evaluation:


Update: February 17, 2011

This Update is with regard to the Exhibit K1 CWO Site Allocation Matrix that was originally published in the Update of February 10.

Replace the February 10 Version of Exhibit K1 with the file provided below:

Update: February 16, 2011

This Update is with regard to the format in which Proposals are to be submitted:

  • Proposals can be submitted in either Word or a searchable PDF format.
  • 11 X 17 sheets can be used for fold out such as charts that are not conducive to a 8 1/2 X 11 sheet.
  • Each 11 X 17 sheet will count as two (2) pages towards the various page counts.

Update: February 10, 2011

RFP Questions and Answers

Revised RFP

Other Documents (See RFP and Questions and Answers and RFP for an explanation)

AOC Procurement Policy

Update: January 19, 2011

The following list of companies have completed all pre proposal meeting and tour requirements necessary to further participate in this RFP:

Aleut Facilities Management
Colliers Intl
LB & B Associates
Mark Scott Construction

Update: January 18, 2011

The RFP and Legal Agreements applicable to this posting have been modified and the new versions can be found here:

Request for Proposal

Legal Agreement #1: O&M Agreement

Legal Agreement #2: JOC Agreement

Answers to questions received regarding the upcoming Kick Off Proposers Interface Meeting:

  1. Is the mandatory Kick Off Proposers Interface Meeting located in San Francisco the only Kick Off meeting being held? In other words, if we are bidding the southern region will there be a Kick Off meeting in the southern region that we can attend in order to fulfill this mandatory requirement instead of just the San Francisco meeting?

    The San Francisco meeting is the only Kick Off meeting and the El Monte meeting is the only Wrap Up meeting. Both are mandatory for bidding on any or all regions.
  2. Will you be offering a Webinar for the above mentioned RFP for the kickoff meeting?

    There will not be a Webinar for the Kick Off or Wrap Up meetings.

Update: December 8, 2010

Information Regarding Interface Meetings and Site Visits Schedule:

The RFP and Legal Agreements applicable to this posting can be found here:

Request for Proposal

Legal Agreement #1: O&M Agreement

Legal Agreement #2: JOC Agreement

The planned schedule of events applicable to the procurement can be found immediately below.

Events Key Dates (Tentative)
Issue RFP November 24, 2010
Deliver to (i) Letter of Intent from Proposer to Participate in Pre-Proposal Conference, and (ii) Copy of Proposer's License, or Plan to Obtain a License[1] December 17, 2010
Proposer Interface Meeting and Site Visits. January 5-14, 2011
Deadline for Proposer Requests for Clarifications, Modifications or Questions January 28, 2011
Clarifications, Modifications and/or Answers to Questions posted on the website February 11, 201
Proposal Due Date and Time March 7, 2011 @ 1:00 pm PST
Selection Notification to Finalists March 18, 2011
Oral Presentations (estimated) April 5-14, 2011
Notice of Intent to Award (estimated) May 12, 2011
Notice of Award (estimated) May 27, 2011
Full Performance Date September 4, 2011

[1] This plan must include (i) a schedule for obtaining a license, (ii) a list of steps Proposer intends to take in order to obtain a license, and (iii) a list of any contacts Proposer has already had with the appropriate licensing board.

Pre Proposal Meetings:
A series of mandatory pre-proposal meetings and site visits will be held a various locations throughout the state. Please see the Event list above and the RFP for instruction on providing notice of your plan to participate in the meetings and site visits.

The first of the pre-proposal meetings, a daylong kick off meeting, is tentatively scheduled for January 5, 2011 in San Francisco. A final wrap up meeting is tentatively scheduled for January 14, 2011 in Burbank. Between these meetings will be a series of court visits around the state. A complete and firm schedule will be posted on or about December 12, 2011.

RFP Attachments:
Some of the attachments to the RFP and agreements are marked as TBD. It is the intent of the AOC to provide the details for these attachments prior to or at the kick off meeting. Please check this posting for periodic updates and other important information."