Employee Assistance Program HR-2012-01-RB

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit and award a one-year contract, with the possibility of four additional one-year option terms, to one qualified service provider to deliver up to six face-to-face or telephonic mental health counseling sessions per incident to up to approximately 4,000 participants and members of their household. The service provider will also provide referral services and sessions as needed by the AOC’ s Human Resources Office (“HR”) for workplace and productivity issues, life events, personal challenges, or other issues that an employee may not feel comfortable discussing with a supervisor or human resources representative.

Questions regarding this RFP should be directed to Solicitations@jud.ca.gov by November 1, 2012.

Proposals must be received by November 29, 2012, no later than 1:00 PM (Pacific Time).

Hard copy proposals must be delivered to:
Judicial Council of California
Administrative Office of the Courts
Attn: Nadine McFadden, RFP: HR-2012-01-RB
455 Golden Gate Avenue, 7th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102-3688

Further details regarding the solicitation and program requirements are set forth in the RFP and related documents provided, below:

Request for Proposals

Attachment 1: Administrative Rules Governing RFPs (Non-IT Services)

Attachment 2: AOC Standard Terms and Conditions

Attachment 3: Proposer’s Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Attachment 4: Payee Data Record Form

Attachment 5: Darfur Contracting Act Certification

Attachment 6: Conflict of Interest Certification Form

Attachment 7: Questions for Proposers

Attachment 8: Rate Proposal Form

Attachment 9: List of Covered Employees as of August 31, 2012

Addendum 1

Questions and Answers

Intent to Award