CANCELED: Event Management Database for Judicial Resources & Technical Assistance Attorneys, RFP# CFCC-14-01-RB

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) is to obtain written proposals for an event management solution (EMS) or database and accompanying professional services to support a secure, web-based, EMS solution for use by internal staff of the Judicial Council’s Center for Families, Children & the Courts (“CFCC”). This RFP also includes training of personnel who will utilize the database system, application hosting, and ongoing maintenance and support. The purpose of this project is to provide CFCC staff access to an online and offline repository that can: save site visit information gathered, produce standard as well as ad hoc reports and is flexible for data extractions so that the Judicial Council can have service portability in the future. The awarded solution will not be hosted locally at a Judicial Council facility but will need to have the ability to integrate with the Judicial Council Active Directory for authentication.

The Judicial Council will hold a pre-proposal conference call on the date identified in the RFP.Although attendance is optional, proposers are encouraged to attend. Those wishing to attend must the pre-register. Registration instructions are in the RFP.

Questions should be directed to by 3:00 pm Pacific Time, November 7, 2014.

Proposals must be received by no later than 3:00 pm Pacific Time, December 11, 2014.

Hard copy proposals must be delivered to:

Judicial Council of California
Attn: Nadine McFadden - RFP# CFCC-14-01-RB
455 Golden Gate Avenue, 6th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102

Further details regarding the solicitation are set forth in the RFP and related documents provided, below:


Attachment 1 - Administrative Rules Governing RFPs (IT Goods and Services)

Attachment 2 - Judicial Council Standard Terms and Conditions

Attachment 3 - Proposer’s Acceptance of Contract Terms and Conditions

Attachment 4 - Technical Proposer Response Template (Updated 10/27/2014)

Attachment 5 - Business and Functional Requirements Template (Updated 10/27/2014)

Attachment 6 - Cost Proposal Response Template

Attachment 7 - Vendor Data Record Form

Attachment 8 - General Certification Form

Attachment 9 - Small Business Declaration

Attachment 10 - DVBE Declaration

Attachment 11 - Bidder Declaration

Attachment 12 - Proposed subcontractor Declaration

Attachment 13 - Legacy Database Variables

Attachment 14 - Legacy Report and Screens

Attachment 15 - References

Questions and Answers

Notice of Public Opening (Postponed)

Cancellation Notice