Court Interpreter Exam Administration and Development, CFCC-2022-02-TQ

Update: December 21, 2022

Update: November 14, 2022
Questions and Answers

The Judicial Council of California, chaired by the Chief Justice of California, is the policy-making body for the California court system. The California Constitution directs the Judicial Council to improve the administration of justice by surveying judicial business and recommending improvements to the courts; and adopting rules for court administration.

Within the Judicial Council’s Operations & Programs Division, the Center for Families, Children, and the Courts (CFCC) houses the Language Access Services Program. The Language Access Services Program is comprised of two units: Language Access Implementation (LAI) and Court Interpreters Program (CIP). The LAI works to ensure language access for all Limited English Proficient (LEP) court users in California in all 58 superior courts. The CIP oversees the court interpreter testing program and credentialing process for statewide qualification of court interpreters, as well as other administrative functions such as statewide recruitment to expand the pool of qualified interpreters available in the courts.

The JCC is seeking proposal for Interpreter Testing Services as outlined in Section 3 of the RFP and Section 2 of the Agreement.

Questions should be directed to and must be received no later than 3:00 P.M. Pacific Time, November 7, 2022. 

Proposals must be received by the Judicial Council no later than 1:00 pm, Pacific Time, December 2, 2022.

Further details regarding the solicitation are set forth in the RFP No. CFCC-2022-02-TQ and related documents provided below:

Request for Proposal (WORD)
Attachment 1 Administrative Rules Governing RFPs (PDF)
Attachment 2 Judicial Council Standard Agreement (WORD)
Attachment 3 Proposer’s Acceptance of Terms and Conditions (WORD)
Attachment 4 General Certifications Form (WORD)
Attachment 5 Darfur Contracting Act Certification Form (WORD)
Attachment 6 Payee Data Record Form STD204 (PDF)
Attachment 7 UNRUH Certification (WORD)
Attachment 8 DVBE Declaration (WORD)
Attachment 9 Cost Proposal (Excel)
Attachment 10 Iran Contracting Act Certification (WORD)
Exhibit 1 Interpreter Testing Desk Reference Manual (PDF)
Exhibit 2 ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines 2012 (PDF)
Exhibit 3 Court Interpreter Oral Examination Overview (PDF)