Producing Podcasts on the Indian Child Welfare Act, CFCC-2023-57-DM

Update: January 10, 2024
Notice of Intent to Award

Update: December 12, 2023
Questions and Answers

Request for Proposals (RFP)
Title:   Producing Podcasts on the Indian Child Welfare Act
RFP Number:  CFCC-2023-57-DM

The Judicial Council of California, chaired by the Chief Justice of California, is the policy-making body for the California court system. The California Constitution directs the Judicial Council to improve the administration of justice by surveying judicial business and recommending improvements to the courts; and adopting rules for court administration.

The Center for Families, Children, and the Courts (CFCC) is a division within the Judicial Council. CFCC is dedicated to improving the quality of justice and services to meet the diverse needs of children, youth, and families. To that end, CFCC develops and provides education for multidisciplinary audiences, including judges, court staff, attorneys, social workers, and probation officers.

The Judicial Council seeks one (1) to three (3) qualified and experienced Proposer(s) to produce and deliver  one (1) to three (3) completed podcasts to be used for education within the California state and tribal court systems. The goal of these podcasts is to educate court system participants about issues related to the Indian Child Welfare Act, its background, purpose, legal requirements, and implementation in California. Each podcast will be at least twenty (20) minutes long and no longer than 30 (thirty) minutes.

Questions should be directed to and must be received no later than 1:00 pm Pacific Time, December 12, 2023.

Proposals must be received by the Judicial Council no later than 1:00 pm, Pacific Time, December 29, 2023.


Further details regarding the solicitation are set forth in the RFP No. CFCC-2023-57-DM and related documents provided below:

Request for Proposal

Attachment 1            Administrative Rules Governing RFPs (Non-IT Services)
Attachment 2            Judicial Council Standard Terms and Conditions
Attachment 3            Proposer’s Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
Attachment 4            General Certifications Form
Attachment 5A          Payee Data Record Form
Attachment 5B          Payee Data Record Supplement
Attachment 6            Darfur Contracting Act Certification Form
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