TCPJAC/CEAC Statewide Business Meetings, CRS LK 413

RFP Number CRS LK 413


Update: January 26, 2024
Intent to Award

The Judicial Council of California, Conference Support Services seeks proposals from hotels for sleeping rooms, meeting rooms, and food and beverage for TCPJAC/CEAC Statewide Business Meetings.

Dates:             August 14-16, 2024

Location:        1st Choice:  Sacramento, San Francisco
                         2nd Choice:  Sonoma, San Ramon

Proposals must be received by END OF BUSINESS DAY Pacific Time, Wednesday, December 20, 2023. 

E-mail proposals to:  Subject line: CRS LK 413, TCPJAC/CEAC Statewide Business Meetings

Further information regarding this solicitation is set forth in Request for Proposals (RFP) No. CRS LK 413.

The Judicial Council of California, Conference and Print Production does not retain the services of third party or outsourced representation. All quoted rates are to be net, non-commissionable.