Job Order Contract for General Construction Services, FSO-JOC-Services-2017-08-JP

Update: January 19, 2018
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Update: December 5, 2017
Questions & Answers: These are answers to questions submitted for this solicitation from potential bidders.

Update: November 21, 2017
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The Judicial Branch of California is a co-equal part of California government; independent from the executive and legislative branches. The Judicial Branch includes the Superior Courts and Appellate Courts of California, as well as the Supreme Court of California.  A part of the Judicial Branch is the Judicial Council, chaired by the Chief Justice of California.  The Judicial Council is the primary policy making body of the California judicial system.  The Judicial Council of California is the staff agency of the Judicial Council.  The Facilities Services office is the division of the Judicial Council of California responsible for the planning, design, construction, real estate and asset management of facilities for the court system of California.

Pursuant to the Trial Court Facilities Act of 2002 (SB 1732), ownership of and responsibility for most superior court facilities in California has shifted from the counties to the state.  Many of the existing facilities require repairs or modifications.

The Judicial Council of California  has selected Job Order Contracting (JOC) as a means of completing facility repair, alteration, and minor new construction projects.  JOC is a proven procurement technique that enables facility owners to accomplish a large number of small to medium-sized projects via individual contracts based on Proposals that are competitively evaluated and awarded. JOC Contracting utilizes a set of customized, pre-priced construction tasks as its basis for describing the work and setting pricing.  JOC eliminates the time, expense, and staff burden of completing the normal design-bid-construct cycle for each project and delivers quality construction and complete transparency to facility owners more quickly and cost effectively.

The scope of  Judicial Council of California’s this RFP is to solicit for Contractors who will provide facility modification services (“Services”) to the California Courts located in fourteen (14) JOC Zones See Table Number 1  located contiguously geographically, via the Job Order Contracting (“JOC”) methodology.

Questions regarding the RFP should be submitted in writing to the Judicial Council of California via on November 29, 2017, by end of business day.

Proposals must be received by no later than 2:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) on December 18, 2017.

Hard copies of proposals must be delivered to: 
Judicial Council of California
Attn.: Lenore Fraga-Roberts
455 Golden Gate Avenue, 6th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102

Further details regarding this solicitation and work requirements are set forth in the RFP Number: FSO-JOC-Services-2017-08-JP and the related documents listed below:                                 

Request for Proposal

Attachment  A  - Administrative Rules Form

Attachment  B - DVBE Participation Form

Attachment  C - Unruh Act Certificate

Attachment  D - Payee Data Record

Attachment  E - Proposer's Acceptance

Attachment  F - Standard Agreement

Attachment  G - General Certifications Form

Attachment  H - Darfur Certification Form

Attachment  I - Internal Background Check Policy

Attachment  J - Questions and Answers 

Attachment  K - Bidder's Declaration

Attachment  L - Requirements for Proposal Submission

Attachment  M - Bid Form

Attachment  N - Map of JOC Zones

Attachment  O - Bonding Requirements and Safety Records

Attachment  P - Non-Collusion Affidavit

Attachment  Q - Security Badging Policy

Attachment  R - Tool Control Policy

Attachment  S - Gordian CTC and Specs

Questions & Answers