On Site Catering Sacramento, RFP LSS-2023-04-LV

Update: June 15, 2023
Intent to Award (Updated June 27, 2023)


Update: May 12, 2023
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Requests For Proposals
Title: On-Site Catering Sacramento
RFP Number:    LSS-2023-04-LV-On-Site-Catering


Dear Potential Proposers,

The Judicial Council of California (JCC), chaired by the Chief Justice of California, is the chief policy making agency of the California judicial branch. The California Constitution directs the Judicial Council to improve the administration of justice by surveying judicial business, recommending improvements to the courts, and making recommendations annually to the Governor and the Legislature. The Judicial Council also adopts rules for court administration, practice, and procedure, and performs other functions prescribed by law.  This Request For Proposal (“RFP”)  is being issued by the Judicial Council, on behalf of itself, and other judicial branch entities, which include but may not be limited to the Courts of Appeals (collectively, “Judicial Branch Entities,” or “JBEs”). 

The Judicial Council seeks the services of entities with expertise in  the day-to-day business of catering.  

The Judicial Council seeks to identify and retain one or more qualified Proposers to prepare, deliver, set-up and tear-down catered meals, in a professional manner with the utmost attention to detail. 

This RFP is the means for Proposers to submit their qualifications and request selection as a Proposer  for these services. The Judicial Council anticipates awarding one or more master agreements for a two- year term. The term of the awarded master agreement(s) is anticipated to commence on or about July 1, 2023 and run for two years.

Questions regarding this RFP must be directed to solicitations@jud.ca.gov and must be received  no later than May 12, 2023 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

Proposers must submit their Technical and Cost proposals in separate email attachments to the Solicitations Mailbox at solicitations@jud.ca.gov and must be received no later than June 1, 2023 by 1:00 pm Pacific Time.

Emails must be received prior to the due date and time or the proposal will not be accepted.

Further details regarding the solicitation are set forth in the RFP No. LSS-2023-04-LV    

Request for Proposal    RFP-LSS-2023-04-LV On Site Catering Sacramento
Attachment 1    Administrative Rules Governing RFPS
Attachment 2    JBE Master Agreement Terms and Conditions
Attachment 3    Proposers Acceptance Terms and Conditions
Attachment 4    General Certification
Attachment 5    Darfur Certification
Attachment 6A    Payee Data Record 204
Attachment 6B    Payee Data Record Supplement 205
Attachment 7     Pricing Form and Menu Options
Attachment 7A    Catering Order Form
Attachment 8    Bidder Declaration
Attachment 9    DVBE Declaration